Capinota Restaurant
specialises in traditional bolivian cuisine 
and also we can bring you entertainment
from tradional bolivian bands and dancers to Latin american shows. 
Capinota Restaurant is also available for private or corporate functions outside of normal trading hours. 
Please contact manager.
Come and see why rapidly becoming popular in the area. 
We receive a high volume of reservation enquiries each day so please allow at least 48 hours in which to reply to your email requests.
If you have any dietary requirements, please mention these when making your reservation.
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English:  (+61) 0431 210 822
Spanish: (+61) 0434 221 720
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The menus can be described as ancestors recipes in a modern style that we offer you. 
The menu changes seasonally and allow us to give you the best services to your needs.
Friday 8th March - Sunday 10th March (Menus)
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Sundays 8am-12pm

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