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Since arriving in Australia 15 years ago, I have played in several Latin bands and promoting bolivian culture to that I have managed numerous music events including bringing one of Latin America’s most famous bands Los Kjarkas in 2011 & 2013, to Sydney to play at the Big Top Luna Park showing bolivian dance, music and culture. 
For the past two years I have decided, owned and managed a successfuly Restaurant.
For the first time ever in Australia Bolivian Restaurant called (CAPINOTA) full of traditional and tasty foods from our past ancetors. Capinota a place where "Lo original si existe"
Jose Franco
About Capinota Town

Capinota is a beautiful picturesque and historical town located in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This province has a population of  more than 29,000 inhabitants. The population consists mainly of Quechua and mestizo people. The Capinota region has three sub regions: Capinota, Sativañes, and Sicaya., they are all situated at more than 2.380 metres above sea level.  

Capinota is located 66 kilometers south of the department of Cochabamba.

Agriculture mainly cultivate potatoes, carrots, beetroots, onions, corn and alfalfa. You can also find a wide variety of vineyards and fruit trees, like peaches and apples.The Capinota holds great and deep mysteries, because it keeps many traditions that throughout the years have endured in living memory and is recognized as the birthplace of the famous Guarapo (sweet wine) which occurs in the months of March and April, and one of the greatest prides of Capinota is the folk group Los Kjarkas.
Los Kjarkas
( The greatest pride band of Capinota and Bolivia)

Los Kjarkas is a world famous bolivian band who’s roots are proudly from this province, and some of its manys styles of music include: Saya, Tinku, Huayño, Carnavales and much more. Los kjarkas proudly interpret their music using traditional instruments such as charango, quena, zampona, ronrroco, guitar, and bombo.         Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Capinota, a town that is full of richness and tradition! where you will discover “lo original existe!”                            

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